A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made in 48 hours for the #GGJ21 in the Lima - Perú jamsite.

A 2D procedural (metroidvania?) adventure casual game about a Slime that has memory problems and wakes up in an unfamiliar place without his most valuable Stars. He has to find all 4 Stars to remain calm and be able to sleep during the night. On the next day all 4 Stars gone missing again on different and more distant places and everyday the Slime is affected by his memory and starts to forget his initial purpose: Don't Forget the Stars.

  • Slime loses a slight part of himself every time it moves, if the counter reaches zero is game over.
  • Score is based on days survived.
  • Procedural map generation (adds 4 new map segments each day).
  • Only played with mouse.

Note: The game is made entirely by me and this was some sort of personal test of trying to make the best possible game under 48 hours with my actual skillset developing games. Pretty happy with the result =)

Hope you enjoy playing it and please leave a comment with feedback of any kind. 

Thanks for playing!

Release Notes:

- V0.9: Version without audio. Still got time until the jam ends, taking  a nap then work on the audio.

- V1.0 Version with audio. Managed to finish my game within the 48 hour mark :D

Install instructions

[WIN]: Unzip and start Dont Forget the Stars.exe

[MAC]: Unzip and star Dont Forget the Stars.app


WIN - DontForgetTheStars v1.0.zip 25 MB
MAC - DontForgetTheStars v1.0.zip 25 MB

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